We Rock Care

We offer two levels of We Rock Care services: Respite & Break Time Care and One-to-One Attendant Care. Our Respite & Break Time Care is designed to provide a break for families with children with special needs. We understand how difficult it is to balance the needs of siblings, spouses, or yourself, so this service is designed with you in mind. Children without a special needs diagnosis may also use this service. For children who require constant care and who have behavioral or safety concerns, we’ve created a more intensive level of support with our One-to-One Attendant Care.

  • $18/child per hour (all ages)
  • Packages 
    • 10 hours: $160
    • 20 hours: $300
    • 30 hours: $360
  • If using Break Time/Drop Off services, please supply a change of clothes and/ or diaper supplies.
    • Changing fee is $5 (if we use gym diaper supplies). Children will be changed if emergency only.
    • +$2: diaper
    • +$2: wipes
    • +$1: gloves
  • A parent conversion form is required for both levels of service.
  • We Rock the Spectrum is not a licensed daycare facility.